Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Letter to Chris Mole MP RE: Ian Tomlinson

Below is a letter I have just sent to my MP, Chris Mole via about the police assault on Ian Tomlinson. It is a reworking in part of this letter from the guardian website with my own added anger. Feel free to use either but please write to your MP so that this can not be covered up.

Dear Chris Mole,

I am sure by now you will have seen the shocking video of a police officer attacking an innocent bystander – Ian Tomlinson – who happened to be walking past one of the many G20 demonstrations.

He suffered a baton attack from behind by a police officer and after striking his head on the floor he later died.

The police are unapologetic about his death, describing their actions as 'maintaining order' on Radio 4 today.

After seeing the video this seems hard to swallow. It makes it reasonably clear that he was not presenting a threat to anyone, nor was he causing trouble.

The police officers involved and the way the matter has been handled so far have shown a disregard for the law and for common decency, which erodes the publics confidence in the police as a whole.

This matter has also made clear to me and many others that the recent Counter Terrorism Act 2008 which restricts the photographing or filming of amongst others police officers is entirely ridiculous and yet another needless clamp down on the civil liberties of the people by this government (Along with the entirely useless, and as the economic crisis continues, immorally expensive ID card scheme). If the police had realised this incident was filmed could they have used this law to confiscate the footage? If so its repeal should be immediate.

Please – I urge you to raise this matter in the House of Commons and put pressure on the police to ensure that justice prevails.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Plowman

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