Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the wrestler

although i think the fountain is a brilliant film it wasn't well received and darren aronofsky has had to play it 'safe' with his next film the wrestler. it is being lauded as one of the films of the year and tipped for oscars. hopefully aronofsky will fall into a one safe then one out there pattern in the future.

Monday, November 03, 2008

at last, the voice of reason

charlie brooker has given his views on the brand/ross "scandal" and as per usual is spot on.

"maybe, just maybe, it's time to establish "Counter-Complaints": a method of registering your complaint about the number of knee-jerk complaints. And one should cancel out the other - so if 25,000 people complain, and a further 25,000 counter-complain, the total number of complaints is zero. It might lead to a lot of fruitless button-mashing, but at least we can keep our shared national culture relatively sane. Because judging by the rest of the news, if the ship's going down, a few unrestricted taste-free laughs now and then might make things more bearable for all of us."

read the full article here