Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sometimes words fail me!

from the Guardian "Police should be harassing badly behaved youths by openly filming them and hounding them at home to make their lives as uncomfortable as possible, the home secretary will say today.

The crime initiative is part of a government strategy to win back voters by proposing more radical approaches to tackling deep seated problems.

As part of the crackdown on bad behaviour, she will urge police forces across the country to follow the example of Essex police, who have mounted four-day "frame and shame" operations by filming and repeatedly stopping identified persistent offenders on problem estates."

What a brilliant idea. Lets take a pissed off disenfranchised section of society and piss them off even more. Obviously it will gain loads of votes among the Daily Mail readers, they would get a few more if they went the whole hog and just hug them in public. When we will some in power just sit down with some of this group of people and find out the real reason why its going on? Ill put my money on boredom and feeling of them having no future. Youth clubs, boxing gyms and apprenticeships could save this country!

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