Thursday, March 27, 2008

the 100 year government

I read John Hutton's, the business secretary, speech yesterday

For him the future is nuclear.

He has a 4 year job.

Maybe an 8 year job, if he is lucky.

But making decisions that you will not be responsible for is a pretty good work -if you can get it.

He won't be the one holding the glowing can in a hundred years time

He won't be the one working out where to put all the ever growing waste.

(Is wrapping it up in concrete really a long term answer?)

He won't be picking up the bill to moth ball power stations when they come to the end of their days

He won't be swimming in the polluted seas in years to come.

He won't be the one looking at the true cost in a 100 years, in 200 years, in 300 years time.

Politics is short term.

Planets are long term.

from howies blog

lib dem no to nuclear campaign
greenpeace nuclear site

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