Friday, February 15, 2008

the first time ever i've agreed with sepp blatter

"This is definitely abuse of association football. To try and have additional exposure and revenue by expanding the league around the world, I think this is not acceptable. It will not be acceptable to the Fifa executive committee, I am sure. We have already heard from two presidents of confederations [Uefa’s Michel Platini and Asia’s Mohamed bin Hammam] and, if I went through the different press coverage, I have not seen a lot of support. If you go against the authority of Fifa and the executive committee, then you cannot expect them to be in your favour later on. England will not be the only World Cup bid. So, if Mr Scudamore says that [it will help 2018], let him say it. I will not deny chances to any of the candidates for 2018 but I cannot imagine that when you go against the deciding body for the decision on the World Cup that you will enhance your chances. It will not be diplomatic."

for the first time ever i agree with bumbling idiot and generally corrupt fifa president, sepp blatter.

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