Saturday, January 12, 2008

my must have mac apps


just cause i know some people i know have updated puters recently or are planning too heres my top mac apps for people to try.

in no particular order

1. Growl - allows you to set notifications when pretty much anything happens on your computer.
2. MarsEdit - blog editting greatness
3. NetNewsWire - for RSS feed collection, now FREE.
4. Camino - fastest most stable web browser ever.
5. Transmission - clean and quick torrent program.
6. Amnesty Singles - for those with slower computers avoid running power hungry dashboard by converting widgets to stand alone apps
7. Scrivener - writing any kind of essay or thesis?? you can not afford to be without this
8. Perian - adds codecs for everything into quicktime. Also for video playback see VLC and NicePlayer
9. Salling Clicker - control your computer with your mobile phone (require bluetooth)
10. BluePhoneElite - receive and reply to text messages from your computer.
11. Little Snitch - see what on your computer is trying to connect the internet and allow or deny it
12. Quicksilver - general program launcher and swiss army knife
13. PeerGuardian - stops known nasty people from connecting to your torrent downloads

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