Sunday, September 23, 2007

possible arsenal owner not very nice?

from boing boing

"Several British MPs' personal websites and blogs (including that of the popular London mayoral candidate Boris Johnson) were forced offline earlier today when Alisher Usmanov, an Uzbek billionaire (he's the guy who bought an entire auction for £20m on Monday) complained about a blog posting by Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan. Fasthosts, Murray's ISP, pulled the plug on his blog, apparently also killing the sites of several other customers.

Murray is the author of the fascinating "Murder in Samarkand - A British Ambassador's Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror", which - to say the least - does not portray Usmanov in a good light. Schillings, the lawyers acting on behalf of Usmanov, have already succeeded in getting Murray's host to alter some of his posts to present Usmanov in a different light. They also appear to have sent threatening emails to owners of Arsenal Football Club fan sites (Usmanov is an Arsenal shareholder), threatening libel action if any of Murray's statements appear on their sites.

The Google cache of Murray's blog makes for some interesting reading.

Yet More Schillings Bollocks

On my article about Alisher Usmanov which so incensed his lawyers Schillings, let me ask this question. Has anybody seen an argument posted or published from any credible source to argue that what I say about Usmanov is untrue?

I ask the question because one of the edits to this log my webhost made at Schillings' behest was to say that my claim was "regarded as false by many people". I have altered that edit, because there is no justification for such a claim. I have yet to see evidence of anybody, not one solitary person, arguing that I am wrong about Usmanov, other than his lawyers. Who are these "Many people", and why are they peculiarly silent?

I am very sympathetic to my webhost having to change things for Schillings, but not to the extent of altering things to become defamatory of me!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ipswich man changes the world (possibly)

from the telegraph

"The way fresh water is supplied to disaster-hit regions could be revolutionised after an Ipswich-based businessman invented a £190 bottle that makes foul-smelling water drinkable in seconds.

Michael Pritchard hopes that the bottle could be a life-saver for refugees in disaster regions where access to clean drinking water is vital.

However, the military are already latching on to his idea. Four hours after Mr Pritchard launched his new "Life Saver" bottle at the DESI defence show in London yesterday, he sold out his entire 1,000 stock. "I am bowled over," he said."

more here

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

battles - tonto

i love this band!!!!!! its amazing to see a band prepared to make a 7+ minute video and to make one this interesting. excellent stuff

(ps. the video player is rather well done)

september eleventh

a tribute today for those who suffered and those who continue to suffer be they american, afghan, iraqi, solider or civilian.

the acts committed six years ago were evil but they were NOT an excuse to create more evil

Sunday, September 09, 2007

the shock doctrine - naomi klein

naomi klein author of no logo and fences and windows is releasing her new book the shock doctrine. the book looks at how shock tactics, events and disasters were and are exploited to spread free market capitalism.

the above video is a trailer of sorts for the book directed by alfonso cuarĂ³n director of the outstanding children of men.

im really looking forward to reading this.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

disappointed in apple


apple today announced the new line of ipods and i'm a little underwhelmed.

the shuffle colours are nice and its good to see a project (red) one.

the new nanos look like someone sat on a ipod video.

the classics feature massive hard drives now but arent as feature sexy as the touch


the touch only comes in a 8gb or 16gb version. i have 25gb of music on my laptop. if im going to spend £269 i want to have it all on my ipod. i'm not sure where the touch sits as im now more inclined to wait for the iphone release than buy one.

however i did try out the new imac keyboard recently and to call a typing experience amazing may seem silly but it is so incredibly comfortable, i was amazed.