Tuesday, August 14, 2007

public wind farm gets the go ahead

this needs to happen EVERYWHERE!!

(am i the only one who things wind turbines are beautiful)

from bbc.co.uk

"Construction of a £4.4m wind farm in Oxfordshire, financed by the community, is scheduled to start after 15 years of planning and design delays.

The electricity - enough to light up 2,500 homes for 25 years - will be sold to a local power company.

The farm is to be located at Watchfield on the Oxfordshire and Wiltshire border, at the site of an old airfield.

The money was put up by 2,394 people who formed the Westmill Wind Farm Co-op to manage the business.

The five 1.3Mw turbines have been ordered and are due to be delivered in January."

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