Wednesday, August 08, 2007

beijing wide open

the president of students for a free tibet is in beijing, blogging on here experiences a year ahead of the olympics being in beijing.

anyone who knows anything about china's human rights record and its oppression of dissenting voices will know that this is a huge and very brave step. hopefully widespread coverage will keep her from harm.

the blog is here

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bobby fletcher said...

Why don't we righteous Americans/Canadians set a good example for the Chinese by reliniquishing our established statehood towards Native American Independence? First Nation Independence?

Of cours not, we are hypocrits. We want to keep our stolen land and demand Tibet Independence.

Proverb goes "people living in glass house should not throw stones."

Not sure if esteemed .BOC is aware of the fact Students for a free Tibet is conntected with the Canadian government thru PM Harper's advisor Tenzin Khangsar: