Tuesday, July 24, 2007

we cant turn them away

iraqi workers who have aided the uk forces are being abandoned by the forces as they withdraw. translators contractors and other workers who have supported the army are being targeted for violence by elements within iraq.

a campaign has begun to urge the british government to offer asylum to any worker who has aided the forces and now fears for their life.

whatever your moral judgement on the war we can not abandon these people.

more on the campaign here

a petition here

write to your mp at theyworkforyou.com


"They are obligated to us. They said that they came to help us. What kind of help are they giving me now? They say they would protect us. What kind of protection are they giving me now? They say they came to give me freedom. I lost everything. They are obligated." - channel 4

"They knew my name and I got a call on my mobile phone, and was told to leave my job or lose my head, I'm still scared they're going to come for me, they can come at any time." - the independent

Issa Jafer al-Said, 25, who graduated from Basra University with a degree in English literature before working with the 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, said: “We never imagined that the British could treat us like this. We face a very bleak future.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said its “contractual obligations” ended when a civilian left its employ. - the times

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