Thursday, July 26, 2007

one a day

been feeling slightly demotivated recently so thought id set myself some targets. was thinking id try and do so many things a day, a week etc. and to that end i've just found the project 365 flickr group that challenges people in the group to take a picture everyday for an entire year. sounds interesting and would make an interesting project to look back on.

may give it a shot.


maalmoss said...

this is a brilliant idea. are you gonna keep updates here in your blog? i'd like to see how it goes

chris said...

i can blog them aswell. you can take rss feeds from peoples flickr pages so you see them when they add new photos.

my brother is getting married on saturday so that may be the first day of the project so then it'll have a nice beginning and hopefully end.

maalmoss said...

haha i'm such a dufus! - i already have an RSS feed on your pics, i just wasn't thinking properly. hahaha. yeah that'll be a great starting point, good luck with it.