Friday, June 22, 2007 normaliser

found this rather cool little web app called normaliser. it orders your top artists not by number of tracks listened too but instead by the amount of time listened. using tracks listened to skews the listing a bit as for example minor threat's complete discography comes in at 47.4 minutes and has 26 tracks. where as godspeed you black emperor!'s f# a# comes in at 60 mins but has but 3 tracks.

my regular top 10

1 bloc party
2 death cab for cutie
3 sufjan stevens
4 boysetsfire
5 sigur rós
6 radiohead
7 thrice
7 glassjaw
9 funeral for a friend
10 sparta

normalised top 10

1 sigur rós
2 bloc party
3 death cab for cutie
4 explosions in the sky
5 sufjan stevens
6 glassjaw
7 boysetsfire
8 radiohead
9 funeral for a friend
10 sparta

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