Friday, June 29, 2007

aaaaahhhhhhh bomb bomb bomb were all going to die

"LONDON (Reuters) - Police defused a bomb in an abandoned car in London's theatre district on Friday and launched a counter-terrorism investigation.

The bomb, which Sky News quoted unidentified sources as saying was "potentially massive", was found inside a light green Mercedes left outside a nightclub in the early hours of Friday, a police officer quoted witnesses as saying.

The witnesses said the occupant drove "erratically" before smashing into some bins outside the nightclub and running off. Bouncers from the nightclub investigated, saw what looked like gas canisters inside the vehicle and called the police.

Officers sealed off the area at around 2 a.m. and found a bomb, the Metropolitan police said.

"They discovered what appeared to be a potentially viable explosive device. This was made safe," they said, adding that counter-terrorism officers were investigating."

key words here being "potential viable". so not actually a bomb then?! nice and convenient for brown two days in and he's already got an excuse to get some lovely controlling anti-terror legislation in.

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