Saturday, April 21, 2007

virginia tech massacre and films

gerald kaufman yesterday wrote a piece (questions film-makers must ask themselves after virginia tech) in the telegraph comment section about the link between the virginia massacre and violent films such as oldboy, clockwork orange and other usual suspects.

as expected it is utter bilge. in it he calls for the self censorship of films by the film makers and implying that they have a duty to not make violent films as it might lead to someone copying them. all this while completely ignoring the fact that the massacre was committed by a troubled individual with proven mental health issues who was able to obtain weapons with ease.

Kaufman stated:

"I do believe, though, that film-makers ought to consider a great deal more carefully their own responsibility in an world where the cinema-going public gets younger and younger - Cho was 23 - and where the boundary between real life and artifice has been eroded by computer-generated images."

really gerald? really? the level of naivety in the article is outstanding and i'm astounded that this man was ever in a position of power.


a counterbalance to the article was provided by the same site here

the article was briefly discussed at the end of a conversation between simon mayo, david morrisey, mark kermode and richard jobson on simon mayo's radio show 20/04/07 podcasted here for a limited time

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